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Vehicle Emergency Kit (Secret Compartment)

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I take advantage of a whole lot of my older outside gear in addition to different stuff in a car emergency kit to be prepared to assist myself and others on the street.

Full record of things**:

Tier 1 (Access from driver’s place):

Flashlight (Zebralight SC600w MkII):
ResqMe Tool:
Pepper Spray
Folding Knife (Ganzo 727M):
High-visibility vests

Tier 2 (Access even when trunk is full):

Fuel Canister 3l
Thrower Flashlight (Olight SR52UT Intimidator):
Fire extinguisher 1l
Car emergency kit (First-aid, emergency triangle, vests)

Tier 3 (Secret compartment):

3x 1.5l water (PET bottles)
2 wool blankets (Norwegian military)
Jumper cables
Towing rope
Bungee cords
Window cleaner combine
Engine oil
30m Dyneema rope

Tool baggage:

Fire metal:
Super Glue
Sporks (Light my Fire):
knife sharpener:
Water purification tablets (Katadyn Micropur Forte):
Folding noticed (low-cost grocery store model)
Knife (Mora Bushcraft Force):
2m clear hose
Headlamp (Zebralight H52w):
Multitool (Victorinox Swisstool Spirit):
Knipex Wrench Pliers:
Baking paper
2x heavy obligation trash baggage
Shopping baggage
Windscreen cleaner pads
Wool socks (German army surplus)
Tool kit
Ratchet straps
Trekking cookies
Tuna can
Folding shovel (Fiskars)
Esbit Cook Set:

**: All hyperlinks are so-called affiliate hyperlinks to Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There isn’t any drawback to you.

Flip flop winch:

Olight SR52UT evaluate:

Baking paper hack by Survival Russia:


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