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Survival Foods: Rodents and Small Mammals

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Eating a rodent isn’t on the high of most individuals’s record of issues they need to eat.  However it’s truly extremely popular in quite a lot of areas on the planet.  In the south of the U.S.  squirrel is a quite common dish, particularly amongst these of us with purple necks!  Other small mammals are steadily eaten as effectively, together with one that’s utilized by quite a lot of preppers: rabbits.


Squirrels: Diet, Habits & Other Facts | Live Science

Squirrels are very helpful and can truly style actually good.  How a squirrel tastes depends upon what they’ve been consuming.  You in all probability don’t need to eat a squirrel that has been within the metropolis and consuming left over meals and trash and stuff.  Squirrels in cities can carry ailments however woodland squirrels are often a safer wager.  They are inclined to also have a little bit of nutiness to their meat from the acorns they eat.  Squirrels have been cooked even by well-known cooks like Gordon Ramsey.  If it helps, Grey Squirrels are literally invasive and numbers of other forms of squirrels are disappearing.  Grey Squirrels truly outnumber Red Squirrels 60-1.

Here’s course of a squirrel. (warning Graphic Content).

These are our favourite squirrel recipes.


Rabbits: Habits, Diet & Other Facts | Live Science

Rabbits are a generally raised prepper meat supply.  Rabbits usually are not an entire meals supply, as a result of even farm raised ones are very lean and largely protein.  The time period Rabbit Starvation was created when individuals who had been consuming nothing however rabbits truly ended up ravenous to loss of life as a result of they weren’t getting sufficient fat or carbs of their diets.  That being mentioned, rabbit is scrumptious and when mixed with fat it will probably create a balanced meal.  Rabbits additionally reproduce like loopy and want little or no meals and water to develop, making them a great protein supply.  Their fur might be tanned and used for all types of issues.

How to cook dinner a Rabbit:


Field Mice Identification & Prevention | Connecticut Pest Elimination

Mice are a hunger meals when you don’t have anything else.  In the Alone sequence by the History Channel, contestants have needed to flip to trapping mice as a final resort after they weren’t capable of get fish or huge recreation.  We advocate that your bugout luggage comprise some mouse traps and even a rat entice when you’ve got room.  Rat traps can be utilized on squirrels, however it is best to in all probability not eat rats due to their weight loss program.  Similarly, don’t eat mice present in cities, mice within the wild typically eat grasses, berries and nuts and are a lot more healthy.  They don’t have quite a lot of energy or meat, however in a pinch you may barbecue a mouse or put a number of of them right into a stew or soup.  Mice usually might be caught utilizing a deadfall entice in addition to demonstrated by Alone‘s season three winner, Zachary Fowler.


The backyard invasion of a racoon - YouTube

Trash Pandas usually have quite a lot of fats on them and might be fairly scrumptious when correctly prepared.  Their fur is heat and can be utilized to make hats or stitched collectively to make different issues from fur.  People have hunted Coons for a very long time, both utilizing hound canine or trapping them.  Raccoons like shiny objects and will put their arms right into a entice to seize one thing shiny and they received’t let go.  Raccoons do have some glands that you want to watch out of when cleansing them.  In a number of of his survival experiments, the Wooded Beardsman has used raccoon meat to maintain himself and the individuals who do these challenges with him effectively fed.


15 things you don't know about groundhogs in Pennsylvania - pennlive.com

Groundhogs, woodchucks, and beavers are bigger members of the rodent household which are extremely helpful.  Beaver pelts specifically are very waterproof, however any of those animals are sufficiently big to have some first rate fur to them.  All of those rodents are giant and present a extra substantial quantity of meat than mice or squirrels and have some fats to them.  Woodchucks and groundhogs truly are an actual drawback for folks.  Woodchucks can do injury to your basis and the holes dug by woodchucks and groundhogs could cause rolled ankles and lame up horses and different livestock.  Beaver Dams could cause water movement issues that change the ecology and setting by altering the movement of water.  Recently in the course of the COVID-19 Lockdown, Alone Season three winner Zachary Fowler killed a woodchuck and cooked it for his two little women.

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