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NEW! Tiny Survival Card – Best Wallet Survival Kit? 17-Tool Survival Knife Card

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It’s a Micro Survival Multi-Tool Kit with a: Knife, Arrowhead, Dual Saw, Fishing Hooks, Finger Drill, Needles, Tweezers, Gig / Spears, Button/ Lure on a Magnetic Storage Base – Get Tiny Survival Guides and Cards Here:

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It doesn’t appear to be your typical survival kit…
Because nothing about this kit is typical…

You’re a Micro, Everyday Carry, Survival Kit REVOLUTION.

The All New – TINY SURVIVAL CARD from Ultimate Survival Tips.

This life-saving, credit score-card sized, wilderness survival instrument kit, is the world’s smallest, hardest and most full, final-ditch assortment of micro-gear (with a knife) ever developed…

Weighting in at lower than an oz.… the Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is designed for on a regular basis carry and suits in a pockets, pocket, purse, glove field or survival kit…

The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is PACKED with 17 Hard to Improvise Micro-Tools – INCLUDING…

1 Multi-Functional Mini Knife and Spear Point
1 Micro Finger Drill
3 Sewing Needles
2 Small Fishing Hooks
2 Medium Fishing Hooks
2 Double Finishing Hooks
1 Mini Button / Fishing Lure
2 Mini Gig / Harpoons
1 Dual Edge – Fine and Medium Saw
1 Set of Mini Tweezers

AND… in a pinch, use all the card as an emergency signaling system.

The Patent Pending Tiny SURVIVAL CARD is Proudly Made within the USA… and is crafted from 0.025 inch thick, hardened, 302 stainless-steel.

Our progressive, etched, triangular tab design permits every instrument to snap off clear and simple – with out injury.

The Tiny SURVIVAL CARD travels on our unique magnetic base permitting you to pre-sharpen the knife and place it again on the bottom for storage. 

Once eliminated, instruments may be stored collectively by inserting them again on the magnetic base, storing them contained in the included four mil thick zip bag or stringing them collectively, by operating a bit of fishing line by way of the opening in every instrument.

A terrific reward for family and friends… The Tiny Survival CARD is an ideal backup on a regular basis carry survival toolkit for anybody who likes to hike, camp, hunt, fish, backpack or simply be prepared… since you by no means know.

Step Up to the Smallest, Lightest, Most Comprehensive, Wallet-Carry, Emergency / Survival KIT (with a knife) EVER Designed.

This… Is the Tiny SURVIVAL CARD.

INSIDE… 17 Last Ditch Survival Tools with a Knife – 17 Tools

I ditched the EDC razor blade in
Ultimate EDC Kit: Tiny Survival Card Fits in Your Wallet – 17 Last Ditch Tools…
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