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Is Duct Tape the Ultimate Survival Tool

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Ah, duct tape… is there something it can’t do?

Duct tape has turn out to be so standard due to its versatility. Ask anybody who’s acquainted with the polyethylene-coated, pressure-sensitive roll of adhesive about how they’ve used it and they’re going to let you know about the some ways it has helped them.

There appears to be an limitless provide of tasks and anecdotes that one can get from different folks about this product. You may even learn to make a duct tape pockets if you recognize the place to look!

But what about concepts for preppers and survivalists like us? Of course there are lots as nicely, and these are good causes so as to add a roll or two of this product to your bug out bag or survival kit. When SHTF, you don’t wish to be caught with out this multi-purpose tape. Check out these cool survival tasks you may make with duct tape.

1. Survival Rope

Check out 12 Unusual and Unexpected Survival Uses for Duct Tape at https://survivallife.com/duct-tape-ultimate-survival-tool/

If you want rope, measure out your required size and roll it up. This will create a powerful rope that has the capability to carry out a number of features. Read extra.

2. Waterproof Clothes to Help Survive Harsh Weather

Check out 12 Unusual and Unexpected Survival Uses for Duct Tape at https://survivallife.com/duct-tape-ultimate-survival-tool/

SHTF Dad: Duct tape is water-resistant. This signifies that something you wrap in it principally turns into water-resistant as nicely. You might not be a fan of promenade clothes and purses produced from duct tape which is throughout Pinterest (the spouse confirmed me), however when SHTF and also you’re in the woods or caught in a storm with nothing however your cotton shirt on and a few duct tape, wrapping your shirt in the shiny silver-gray tape to type a water-resistant and insulating layer earlier than the temperature falls can save your life.

3.  Survival Arrow Fletching

Tear off a number of 5-inch items, and an extended edge of 1 piece to the arrow shaft, fold the tape lengthwise, and stick the different lengthy fringe of that piece to the arrow. Repeat this course of one or two extra occasions; trim the vanes to form along with your knife; and you should have a serviceable arrow fletching. Click right here to see the complete article.

4. Re-seal Prepper Food

Didn’t fairly end your freeze-dried meal? Well, you need to end it however when you wished you might preserve it contemporary for longer with a strip of tape to seal the package deal again collectively. See extra.

5. Make/Repair a Boat

According to The Ready Store: I keep in mind in highschool physics class we had been assigned to make a ship purely out of cardboard and duct tape. (I’m proud to say that we handed with flying colours!) Like we’ve talked about above, it makes a fantastic waterproofing materials. You can restore small holes and leaks in a ship. 

6. Medical Emergencies and First Aid

Check out 12 Unusual and Unexpected Survival Uses for Duct Tape at https://survivallife.com/duct-tape-ultimate-survival-tool/

In a medical emergency, it’s all about stopping additional injury or an infection when you get the injured to a medical care facility.

Got a deep minimize that in all probability wants stitches, however no hospital for miles? Clean the minimize nicely utilizing the merchandise in your journey medical kit. Then use duct tape to shut the wound tightly. Get to medical care as quickly as potential and preserve the wound clear.

A scratch or minimize in your ft might not be a giant deal again residence, however get one whereas galavanting round the tropics and also you’re in danger for microorganisms and micro organism that may trigger a light an infection that may be handled with antibiotics or tender tissue necrosis that requires amputation! Seal the sore with duct tape – after cleansing it, in fact – and get to medical care as quickly as potential.

If you severely twist your ankle or knee, or break a finger or leg, you should use the tape to brace or splint the damage to maintain it secure till you may get assist. When making a splint with tape, immobilize the damaged bit by taping it to a stick, pole, or different physique half. And sure, get medical remedy as quickly as potential.

Got a blister from numerous strolling? While not precisely a medical emergency, when you really feel a blister approaching, cowl the space with tape and proceed your journey. If you recognize you’re vulnerable to blisters at sure spots in your ft, cowl these areas at the begin and keep away from growing painful blisters. Click right here for the full submit.

7. Duct Tape as a Fire Starter?

A chunk of duct tape can present about two minutes of burn time.

Use duct tape to construct a hearth together with a magnesium bar. Fashion duct tape in order that it could maintain your magnesium shavings in place whereas developing a hearth. Essentially you roll your duct tape right into a stick, then throw a spark and use the duct tape stick as a match to ignite your (tinder)

Use duct tape to construct a hearth with a char material: Make a firestarter with duct tape and char material. In this fashion the fireplace starter can final seven minutes. Read extra.

No duct tape useful? Check out this fireplace beginning kit right here. 

8. Repair a Tent

Check out 12 Unusual and Unexpected Survival Uses for Duct Tape at https://survivallife.com/duct-tape-ultimate-survival-tool/

You open your tent at the campsite and oops — somewhat tear. No downside so long as you’ve introduced your duct tape alongside. Cover the gap with a patch; for double safety mirror the patch inside the tent. You’ll preserve bugs and climate the place they belong. Read the full submit.

In addition, you’ll be able to seal your tent with duct tape to maintain the chilly out.

9. Open a Jar

The image says all of it however if you wish to see the complete story, click on right here.

10. Improvised Drinking Cup

Patience is required for this duct tape survival process. Cut two one foot strips of duct tape and affix them collectively, stick sides going through. Cut two six inch strips and affix them collectively in the identical method. You now have cup sides and a backside. Bend the bigger strip right into a cup-like form and use a further piece of duct tape to connect the backside of the cup. The strip needs to be lengthy sufficient to come back almost to the prime of the lip of the cup. To make the cup additional sturdy, place at the very least 4 such strips from the backside to the lip of the cup. It received’t maintain water ceaselessly and should drip, however a duct tape cup will allow you to get a drink a number of occasions earlier than it provides. Click for extra.

11. Homemade Signaling Device

Check out 12 Unusual and Unexpected Survival Uses for Duct Tape at https://survivallife.com/duct-tape-ultimate-survival-tool/

Wide Open Spaces: Classic duct tape’s exterior is a shiny metallic coloration, but it surely now is available in a wide range of vibrant colours, so use that to your benefit. Use it as a signaling gadget for potential search events.

12. Fix a Leaking Hydration Bladder

If your hydration bladder is leaking, it’s a fast repair with duct tape. Just apply a strip or two over the gap. Just guarantee the gap is dried earlier than making use of. Read extra.

From warts to home windows, garments together with underwear, furnishings to automotive, the sky is the restrict.

Preppers can positively give you their very own options or innovations with this marvel product, every in all probability far completely different from the different.

We assume it’s secure to say that the duct tape is sort of a Lego set, providing limitless potentialities for its use relying on the creativity and improvisation expertise of the particular person utilizing it. What makes it even higher is the undeniable fact that it’s completely inexpensive and will be bought nearly wherever.

Being masters of improvisation and resourcefulness, we’re fairly certain you will have your personal concepts on methods to use duct tape for survival. Feel free to tell us about them in the feedback beneath.

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