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How to Break Down a Door in a SHTF Situation

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Adrenaline and brute power might be sufficient to break down a door in some conditions, even with poor method. However, a little basic information of breaching a door might go a great distance, and subsequently be a lifesaver.

Man opening red door with a sledgehammer

“When one door closes, another opens,” says an oft-repeated adage.  But in a SHTF situation involving a fireplace, attacker, pure catastrophe, WROL situation, shedding your keys or the entire above (hopefully not), it’s your decision some added insurance coverage ought to the principle show inaccurate.

Check out this information for some suggestions and a number of other completely different strategies involving varied sorts of gear or lack thereof.

By the time you’ve learn by means of this text, you’ll have a fairly good basis that would have you ever plowing by means of doorways like a professional.

At the least, it’s going to prevent from dislocating your shoulder. At the worst, you gained’t wind up along with your foot caught clear by means of the center of an entrance.

How To Break Down a Door with a Kick

The easiest methodology to break down a door is with a kick.

Why NOT Use Your Shoulder

You’ve in all probability seen folks breakthrough doorways by ramming them with their shoulders in motion pictures and TV exhibits.

While this might work for weaker inside doorways it isn’t excellent for 2 causes:

The first purpose is the mechanical placement of 1’s shoulder in relation to the door’s lock. In order for a locked door to be breached, the lock {hardware} have to be pressured by means of the encompassing jam.

This means you have to be focusing the influence in direction of the neighborhood of the doorknob. Your shoulder lands properly above the place a door’s locks are probably to be, so it’s going to require much more power to break by means of than if it have been utilized in the proper location.

The second is that your shoulder is definitely a very fragile level of your physique. This is the explanation why shoulder accidents are widespread even with comparatively little bodily trauma.

When it comes to your physique’s joints, vary of movement and stability have a tendency to be a trade-off and your shoulder leans on the aspect of mobility. Shoulders aren’t designed to face up to a lot of direct impacts.

Your legs, however, are comparatively properly outfitted for the duty. They have much more musculature than your arms and boast joints which are outfitted for explosive power and fixed load.

Front Kick

The quickest kick is a easy entrance kick that lands along with your heel sq. above or subsequent to the knob.  
Don’t kick the center of the door. Most trendy doorways are hole inside aside from a light-weight foam core.

At finest, your kick will likely be much less efficient since you aren’t hitting the fitting spot. At worst, your foot will undergo the center of the door.

Mule Kick

Another method to break down a door is to  attempt  a “mule kick.” This method is borrowed from troopers and SWAT groups who’re getting into hostile environments and due to this fact want to reduce the period of time they spend immediately in entrance of the door, the place they’re extraordinarily weak to photographs from inside.

To carry out a mule kick, stand subsequent to the door along with your again towards the wall. Then kick backward along with your heel touchdown just under the doorknob. 

Tools Used to Break Down a Door

When it comes to doorways which are heavier responsibility, like steel exterior entrances or deliberately hardened doorways, it might take greater than a little persuasion to breakthrough.

In this case, or in the event you merely need to save put on and tear in your knees, there are a variety of instruments that may be employed for breaking down a door. They vary from a easy crowbar to specialised instruments made particularly for that goal.  


A typical (albeit heavy) instrument that may be discovered in nearly any storage is the great ‘ole sledgehammer. As with kicking, the force is intended to break the lock through the jamb. Aim near the doorknob and bat away. If the lock doesn’t bust by means of the primary time, rinse and repeat.

Depending on what’s out there, you possibly can improvise related instruments in place of a sledgehammer, such because the blunt aspect of an axe. Just be sure to watch the place you’re swinging.


If hanging the door isn’t making traction, one other method might contain prying.  The ubiquitous crowbar might be used to “gap” a cussed door and make incremental progress for terribly troublesome doorways, like exterior or bolstered ones.

Wedge the crowbar’s fork in between the door and the jamb and crank away. If wedging the crowbar in the present hole proves to be simpler mentioned than carried out, have a buddy hammer the opposite finish of the bar to get a good buy began.

Use the leverage you could have to widen the hole, after which preserve adjusting your angle to make continued progress. If the hole turns into too vast to pry however the door stays in place, you should utilize one thing as a spacer like the top of an ax, a brick or no matter else can fill the hole and get the crowbar flush towards the jamb.

Halligan Bar

Halligan Bar, 36in Handle, High Carbon StlHalligan Bar, 36in Handle, High Carbon StlHalligan Bar, 36in Handle, High Carbon StlHalligan Bar, 30in Handle, High Carbon STL30in Handle, High Carbon STL Halligan BArHalligan Bar, 30in Handle, High Carbon STL

The door breaching capabilities of an ax and a crowbar are mixed in the brilliantly-designed “Halligan Bar” developed by and utilized by firemen. It options one finish with a ninety-degree adze and a spike (used for buying buy on wooden jambs to pry from) and a fork on the different finish which resembles a crowbar.

This is likely one of the finest instruments round for opening a door. It is specifically designed with that goal in thoughts. It can be the results of many years of firefighting expertise.

If you could have one among these, you undoubtedly deserve some sort of honorary preparedness badge from the Boy Scouts. But for many, you’ll in all probability have to accept utilizing a sledgehammer and/or axe.

Breaching a Door with a Shotgun

All this speak of sledgehammering, axing and kicking might sound like a lot of labor. For those that like to get the job carried out with out breaking a sweat, maybe a 12 gauge shotgun is extra your model.

Soldiers are skilled to breach doorways with 12 gauges loaded with particular cartridges made for that goal. While most shotgun shells are stuffed with steel beads or slugs, breaching cartridges are stuffed with an iron powder that minimizes the danger of collateral harm.

Unfortunately, you in all probability don’t have these mendacity round, in which case, double ought buckshot can have to work. However, preserve in thoughts that security will not be assured. (Side notice: in the event you thought security was assured at any level right here, you’ve come to the improper weblog publish.)

As with the entire different strategies of breaching doorways, you’re aiming the assault on the locking mechanism. To do that, you’ll be angling the bore of the shotgun forty-five levels downwards and forty-five levels inwards in direction of the lock and jamb.

The thought is to hit the lock and never a lot of something (or anybody) else. Because you possibly can’t see by means of the door, it ought to go with out saying that you simply don’t need to come wherever shut to capturing by means of it.

Double ought buck ought to make fast work of any regular door lock, jamb and just about the encompassing few inches. Watch for splinters.

Door Armor

Let’s have a look at this from one other perspective, because the home-owner. Home safety is crucial when SHTF, you need to give you the chance to shield your loved ones from folks making the most of the chaos.

Do you suppose, after studying all of the following tips, that you’re secure with simply a deadbolt? It’s higher than nothing, however that gained’t cease a skilled thief.

Door Armor reinforces the weakest factors of a door and door body and makes it subsequent to not possible for a thief to get in by means of the door. It will take a thief lower than 10 seconds to kick in a normal door with a deadbolt.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you simply’ve kicked, smashed, pried or shot your method by means of the door, this could be a nice time to verify that you simply’re on the proper deal with. Or perhaps that ought to have been step one. 😉

Regardless, hopefully, the following tips have given you adequate information in order that in the occasion that you simply ever end up in an SHTF scenario, you gained’t be counting on destiny to open any doorways for you.

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Invented by the natives of North America pemmican was utilized by Indian scouts in addition to early western explorers.

Native Americans spent a nice deal of time on the go and relied on having transportable, high-energy, extremely nutritious, and filling meals that might final for lengthy intervals of time with out refrigeration.

Pemmican is a transportable, long-lasting, high-energy meals. It’s fabricated from lean, dried meat that is crushed into powder and combined with sizzling, rendered fats. This makes it one of many final meals to have stockpiled for when SHTF or catastrophe strikes.

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These guys have been the final technology to follow basic items, for a residing, that we name “survival skills” now.

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