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How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

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Sound as a protection weapon? This article explains the methods through which sound may be a superb self-defense instrument.

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Sound as a Defense Weapon: Using Sound Frequency to Survive

In this text:

  1. What Is Sound?
  2. Hearing Range
  3. Frequencies of Sound Sources
  4. Decibel Ratings of Sounds
  5. Sounds That Alert or Warn
  6. Sounds That Calm or Soothe
  7. Sound as a Deterrent
  8. Sound That Destroys Matter
  9. Sonic Warfare
  10. Sound That Injures or Kills
  11. Focused Sound Technology
  12. The Effects of Sound Waves

What Is Sound?

Sound is throughout us and far of it’s comforting to people. The pleasing sound of good dinner music, a breeze wafting gently by means of the bushes, gurgling water flowing in a brook, or the sounds of kids taking part in–our world is alive with great sound.

For most, a sound is a welcome actuality. But when sound turns into noise, it will increase stress and introduces emotional reactions in our lives and relationships.

In reality, sound can distract, disorient, frighten, or injure–it’s a strain wave. As such it happens at a sure frequency.

These cycles have an amplitude (measured on the peaks) defining the ability or depth of the sound wave. Think of it like “loudness.”

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Now, we glance into sound as a protection weapon for survival.

Hearing Range

Hearing capability | Sound As A Defense Weapon: How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

As proven in Table 1, we are able to’t hear some frequencies, though some animals can.

Sounds between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz are thought-about inside our regular threshold of listening to. Sounds under 20 Hz are referred to as infrasonic sound or infrasound.

Low-frequency infrasound at excessive dB may cause tremors inside our organs and it hurts! Sounds above 20 OkHz—our higher vary of listening to—are referred to as ultrasonic.

At 500 OkHz and better, we label sounds as megasonic. Sound as a protection weapon is possible with a sonic weapon.

What Is Sonic Weapon? It is a tool with totally different sort and buildings that use sound to injure and incapacitate a goal.

Frequencies of Sound Sources

Frequencies of sound sources | Sound As A Defense Weapon: How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

Table 2 exhibits some typical frequencies generated by sound sources:
Decibels (dB) is the measurement of the ability or depth of sound. The decibel gives a relative measure of sound depth.

The larger the dB score, the extra the quantity sound has. The depth of a sound wave decreases with rising distance from the supply (inverse sq. legislation).

The energy (depth) of sound is roughly equal to 1/d2 the place d equals the space from the sound supply. Double the space, d and sound strain (dB) drops to half its depth.

A 40 dB sound at 1 meter drops to 20 dB at 2 meters and simply 10 dB at Four meters. At zero dB – the softest sound – your ears and mind seek for one thing to listen to.

Decibel Ratings of Sounds

Decibel intensity and sound sources | Sound As A Defense Weapon: How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

Table Three exhibits typical dB rankings for varied sounds.

How loud is sound? The ear’s response to the loudness of sound happens as an influence of 10.

It takes about 10 occasions the ability to sound twice as loud. Loudness varies with age and the physiology of the individual. Still, extra intense sounds will seem loudest.

Sounds That Alert or Warn

Sounds that alert or warn | Sound As A Defense Weapon: How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

Table Four lists sound that may stimulate motion.

Sounds That Calm or Soothe

 Sounds that calm or soothe | Sound As A Defense Weapon: How Sound Frequency Can Cause Pain

As proven in Table 5 sure sounds can calm and loosen up an individual (or an animal).

You can purchase sound units that may produce calming sound that can assist you loosen up and go to sleep.

Sound as a Deterrent

Make a sound that’s irritating to an individual, and you’ll deter that individual from a sure motion. Teenagers don’t like sounds round 20,000 Hz and can attempt to distance themselves from this sound.

A 20 okayHz hum has been used to maneuver loitering teenagers off streets or away from faculty playgrounds at night time. Likewise, a high-amplitude sound can be utilized as a burglar deterrent.

Some frequencies aren’t heard. Sounds under 20 Hz or above 20 okayHz can show efficient in warfare.

Generate high-intensity sound under 20 Hz and other people will really feel the impact with out listening to it. An ultra-high frequency blast at 19-20 okayHz will disperse protesters and rioters – particularly the youthful ones.

Sound That Destroys Matter

By creating sound on the pure frequency of matter, we are able to trigger varied supplies to vibrate.

At sufficient power, we are able to trigger this materials to interrupt aside and disintegrate. There are units that may do that at the moment.

You want a powerful sound strain wave to make this occur, however the frequency of a sound generator equal to the pure vibration frequency of fabric causes resonance. And the amplitude of vibration of the fabric will increase many-fold till the atoms within the materials truly break aside.

Sonic Warfare

In the ‘Walls of Jericho’ state of affairs, sonic warfare is used to destructively shatter objects and materials.

It takes a directed concussive impact to vibrate buildings to rubble and infrasonic power to shatter bones and pulp organs from inside. But, it’s attainable.

You will want a 240 dB supply to get an individual’s head to resonate destructively.

These sound waves must come from very loud objects, sound waves, so highly effective they may knock down partitions and shake machines to items. Several faculty college students confirmed that low frequencies between 30 and 60 Hz can truly extinguish a small hearth utilizing high-intensity sound.

It’s attainable to shatter glass with sound by producing a word that resonates sympathetically with the glass.

The pure frequency of the earth is 7.83 Hz. Gold can vibrate at 1.7 MHz—silver at between 4.047 and 4.652 MHz. Even copper can vibrate at simply over 28 MHz.

The magnetic subject across the earth can cut back the resonant frequency of fabric. For silver, the resonant frequency within the earth’s magnetic subject can be a low audio 80 Hz (not 4+ MHz).

Sound That Injures or Kills

Between zero dB and 90 dB, sound depth is regular and usually gained’t harm listening to; nevertheless, extended publicity to sound exceeding 90 dB may cause listening to harm.

Your physique can tolerate 85 dB of sound depth for eight hours with out listening to harm, however at 100 dB, you may solely take this for 15 minutes earlier than it impacts your well being. And at 115 dB you’re secure for less than 30 seconds.

This is why ear safety is really useful for all noisy environments. At 140 dB bodily ache may be felt. Go above this and life turns into threatened.

An extraordinarily high-power sound (160 dB) can disrupt or destroy your eardrums and trigger extreme ache or disorientation. This is often ample to incapacitate an individual.

Less highly effective sound waves may cause you to expertise nausea or discomfort. We’ve all watched the consequences of shrill sounds in sci-fi films when a whole group of individuals is made helpless by a loud sound permeating the realm.

They maintain their ears and fall to the bottom, fully unconscious. And moviegoers questioned if this actually can occur.

Yes, it could.

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Focused Sound Technology

Several years again, a storage inventor created the flexibility to put sound power at a selected location whereas canceling sound in different close by areas. He might create the sound of speeding water inside a slender circle in a crowd.

People in that circle might hear the water, however folks a couple of ft away couldn’t. This idea is utilized in buying malls to lure consumers.

The centered sound expertise was efficiently used at checkpoints within the Middle East to cease approaching automobiles far again from the place guards have been stationed.

The system deterred suicide bombers and gave the checkpoint forewarning {that a} automobile was not responding to orders to cease.

The storage inventor shaped an organization (LRAD) and designed sonic and ultrasonic weapons that may incapacitate, injure, or kill.

Law enforcement and the navy now use their new long-range acoustic system (LRAD) as a directed beam weapon to manage crowds and deter pirates or insurgents from attacking ships at sea.

It emits a 2.5 okayHz warning tone at 146 dB one meter from the emitter with a most vary of 300 meters (the place the tone is degraded to 90 dB). This can trigger nausea, discomfort, disorientation, decreased sensory-motor capabilities, or extreme ache.

By transmitting at an ultra-high frequency, an LRAD blast may cause eyeballs to vibrate producing unease and visible apparitions.

The European Space Agency has a sonic weapon that may generate 154 dB sound power utilizing 4 large acoustic orifices. This system can burst eardrums.

Increase the loudness to 185 dB and it could trigger an air embolism within the lungs or explode the center.

The Effects of Sound Waves

Whales produce the loudest low frequency sounds on earth — at round 190 dB (17 to 30 Hz). Close up, the high-intensity calls by blue and fin whales can collapse the lungs and trigger demise to different dwelling creatures.

A automotive stereo made a world document by pumping out 182 dB of sound that would immediately trigger listening to loss. The power didn’t final lengthy.

Acceptable publicity time was in seconds. Sound waves may cause inner bleeding and cease a human coronary heart with a frequency that resonates with the organ.

Experts have used sonar in oceans to detect and kill hostile divers by destroying organs and bone. Exposure to excessive depth (184 dB) ultrasound frequencies from 700 okayHz to three.6 MHz has triggered lung and liver harm.

Sound is usually a killer.


Try this cool listening to take a look at by Bright Side and discover out if you’re superhuman or worse than common:

As the mainstream media and liberals push for extra stringent gun management measures together with limiting gun journal sizes and ammunition purchases, I’ve usually questioned how we are able to make this habits a “non-problem.”

Then I obtained an thought, and I’ve been researching it ever since. What if we might develop a defensive weapon that wouldn’t require firearms, ammunition, or permits?

How about if we use a very totally different expertise–one which the federal government doesn’t management? What if we use sound for defense? Will you agree?

What are your ideas on sound as a protection weapon in survival or SHTF? Let us know your ideas about it within the feedback part under!

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