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Basic Medical Symptom Care: How to Handle Common Illnesses

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When push comes to shove, you should be educated in how to apply fundamental medical symptom care. During these unsure occasions, you may have to be as prepared as attainable.

Basic Medical Symptom Care Guide

As you hone in on the talents and data that you just’re doubtless to want in a SHTF scenario, it may be overwhelming to take into consideration all the pieces you have to be in a position to do by yourself: gardening, fishing, elevating livestock, constructing shelters, attempting to find meals, preserving meals, tying knots, navigation, self-protection, repairing equipment – and never least of all, fundamental medical care.

Even in extremely doubtless and customary pure catastrophe conditions like hurricanes and earthquakes, you could end up reduce off from electrical energy and entry to medical doctors.

While you is probably not outfitted to cope with extra critical situations like coronary heart assaults or strokes, you have to be in a position to gown minor wounds and assist ease discomforts like fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, abdomen cramping, and dehydration.

Being in a position to deal with these signs and produce reduction to your self or members of the family could make you much less reliant on exterior assist which may be a very long time coming.

In addition to meals, water, instruments, and gasoline provides, it’s vital to maintain a complete first support kit readily available that features over-the-counter cures and any needed prescription drugs.

Your well being is certainly one of your biggest belongings, and preserving it can make you higher in a position to look after and shield your loved ones. Both sustaining your well being and understanding how to deal with extra minor well being crises is a crucial a part of your Prepping.

How to Break a Fever

How to Break a Fever | Basic Medical Symptom Care

A fever is your physique’s pure response to combating an an infection, virus, or micro organism. Any temperature over 100.four levels is taken into account a fever, though accompanying signs will fluctuate.

While a fever may be delicate with few different signs, it will also be a sign of a way more critical situation. Either method, the steps to assist break the fever are:

  • Get an correct studying of your temperature to decide how excessive the fever is.
  • Stay in mattress and relaxation; don’t overexert your self.
  • Stay hydrated! Drink a lot of water or suck on ice chips.
  • Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • Stay cool, however keep away from ice baths.
  • Use chilly compresses to allow you to really feel extra snug.

Some fevers would require medical consideration. However, for those who would not have entry to a health care provider, proceed with these steps.

Remedies for Vomiting

Remedies for Vomiting | Basic Medical Symptom Care

Vomiting is an extremely uncomfortable method to take away toxins out of your physique and might depart you exhausted and dehydrated. Long-term vomiting may even harm your esophagus.

Luckily, there are some dwelling cures which will assist:

  • Consume ginger: ginger tea, ginger juice, slices of contemporary ginger, or candied ginger.
  • Turn to peppermint: peppermint tea, peppermint important oil in your diffuser, or chew on mint leaves.
  • Practice deep respiration methods to soothe your thoughts and physique.
  • Acupressure: analysis factors out you could apply stress to for reduction from nausea and vomiting.
  • Consume fennel seeds: eat uncooked fennel seeds or drink fennel tea.
  • Avoid strong meals and enhance your fluid consumption.
  • Add small parts of bland, low-fat meals again into your food plan if you find yourself in a position to.

You might help to keep away from bouts of vomiting by washing your palms often and being cautious not to devour uncooked or undercooked or spoiled meals. If somebody shut to you is experiencing vomiting, maintain your distance from them for those who can. Keep your stress ranges low.

Treating Diarrhea


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Bouts of diarrhea sometimes solely final for a few days however may be extraordinarily uncomfortable and inconvenient. Imodium is an efficient over-the-counter treatment however can rapidly lead to constipation. To restrict your dependence on remedy, strive the following tips first:

  • Drink loads of water and clear broths to rehydrate your self.
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks, sugary drinks, alcohol, and dairy merchandise.
  • Eat a bland and easy-to-digest food plan, corresponding to bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, oatmeal, baked potatoes, and crackers.
  • Take probiotics which can be helpful to your digestive system.

It is extraordinarily vital that you just keep hydrated if you find yourself struggling diarrhea or you’ll undoubtedly require medical consideration after a couple of days.

Stomach Cramp Treatments

 Stomach Cramp Treatments | Basic Medical Symptom Care

Most abdomen cramps are attributable to meals poisoning, abdomen viruses, meals allergy symptoms, and meals intolerances, and are accompanied by different signs. While you could end up treating accompanying diarrhea or vomiting, abdomen cramps themselves may be improved by:

  • Resting in mattress
  • Avoiding meals that did or may have made you sick.
  • Avoid strong meals and as a substitute, devour loads of liquids and clear broths.
  • Ease into consuming with bland meals, and cease consuming if discomfort continues.
  • Avoid all meals that you’ve got an allergic response to.
  • Take an over-the-counter antacid for those who expertise abdomen aches or heartburn.

Treatment for Dehydration


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Dehydration can happen for a wide range of causes and may be extreme or milder. No matter the scenario, it’s crucial that you just rehydrate in order that your physique can perform as it’s supposed to.

As dehydration progresses, it could possibly lead to extreme complications, hallucinations, and finally seizures and dying.

For delicate circumstances of dehydration, you will have to keep in a cool place and drink loads of water. Avoid espresso, tea, soda, and alcohol, which is able to all dehydrate you extra.

You may even need to replenish your electrolytes utilizing a sports activities drink or perhaps a combination of salt, sugar, and water. Children rehydration drinks like Pedialyte are additionally efficient.

Severe dehydration can require an IV. It’s greatest to plan forward and maintain loads of fluids on-hand, particularly in case you are at an elevated danger for dehydration.

Make fundamental medical care a precedence as you prep for the worst. You’ll by no means know what’s to come and the easiest way to cope with uncertainty is preparation!

How about you, how do you apply fundamental medical symptom care at dwelling? We’d love to hear some ideas for you within the feedback part!

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